CNBC’s Call the Close




  • Develop a free, interactive game for CNBC.com to increase unique visitors and registered users while reinforcing CNBC.com as the home of Earnings Central and driving engagement with the site’s Real-Time Data 24/7.


  • TPE developed and hosted an interactive game and sweepstakes that allowed consumers to predict the closing value of the DOW Jones each trading day. Consumers had a chance to win a daily game prize while simultaneously being entered for a chance to win a sweepstakes Grand Prize. Consumer played via the CNBC.com integrated micro site, mobile devices and a widget on CNBC.com’s home page.


  • Call the Close ran for nine months during which time three national prize partners – Maserati, Churchill Down and One&Only Resorts – were featured and integrated into the site. The game yielded over 51K+ unique users and 504,376 “calls”.

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